Profile of a Misogynist: Mike Buchanan

Thanks for spelling my name right. By the way, Paul Elam, Mike Buchanan, etc. have way too much class to associate with me. You ladies on the other hand, are about my speed. Too bad you’ve banned me. I’ll just have to respond to your comments to me on my own blog.


Mike Buchanan is a traditional conservative (Tory) from the UK. He is an MRA that plays tag along with Paul Elam. He got so frustrated with his own government for helping women that he quit the Tories and started his own political party called Justice4MenandBoys or J4MB. His political platform is focused on ‘stopping feminism’, which will never happen.

‘For over 30 years, men’s and boys’ human rights have been assaulted by politicians pandering to the demands of women driven by misandry (the hatred of men) – feminist MPs, as well as feminists in key positions in state institutions.’

There are 2 people in his political party gearing up for the 2015 election and is currently developing his platform.

He’s been on British TV a few times but says he probably won’t be invited back. No surprise. On his website he gives out awards for ‘Lying Feminist of the Month’ as well as other similarly named…

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13 thoughts on “Profile of a Misogynist: Mike Buchanan

  1. vyechera says : September 13, 2014 at 7:51 PM

    Meet Caprizchka, Mr. Buchanan’s defender:

    Nourishing the Predator: Recipes to Preserve and Enhance Virility in the Dominant American Male

    (photo of my book cover goes here)

    Buy from Amazon (link to the buy)

    “I’m just bursting with poor self esteem, obviously, and in need of an education on my “rights”.”

    You said it, Caprizchka, nobody else.

    Caprizchka says: Yes indeed. See how great it is to have random women on your board I mean blog just because they’re women?

  2. House Mouse Queen says : September 13, 2014 at 11:15 PM

    OH my good fucks sake. You’re kidding me? She wrote that piece of shit?

    I’m getting the clearest picture of female MRA’s. They want to sell shit and in this case want men to beat them up.

    I’m not going to enhance rapists and male sadists.

    Nor will I channel a male’s inner pedophile.

    Wow, she’s a nutbag.


    Caprizchka says: Indeed. I would make a terrific representative of women on any corporate board. Of course, I understand, that my sexual practices are up for feminist scrutiny so I’ve taken the liberty of installing a camera in my bedroom for feminist voyeurs such as yourself. I can assure you that no pedophilia is taking place in my bedroom for I am 52 years old. You, on the other hand, would need to present ID before I would consent to mounting a camera in *your* bedroom.

  3. vyechera says : September 14, 2014 at 9:32 AM

    It seems likely that Caprizchka’s “predator” wrote the comment above.

    With her windpipe cut off like that I doubt she says much.

    (Besides getting her recipe book out.)

    Though the photo is funny as shit, it’s also depressing.

    Caprizchka says: I’m delighted to be mistaken for a man, really. Even with both hands tied behind my back and effectively gagged I can write as well as a man. Moreover, I even made you laugh–I mean–understanding how highbrow your tastes are and all. And cry! Thank you so much. You’re wonderful. Will you be buying my book now too?

  4. Hi Caprizchka. I’ve unsubscribed from both her ridiculous blog pieces. I provided links to the studies showing a causal link between increasing female representation on corporate boards and financial decline, then she deleted the links and said they didn’t lead to the studies. You couldn’t make it up. I really must stop responding to such stupid women. One of the blog owner’s acolytes was too lazy to spend 10 minutes on Wikipedia finding out the difference between correlation and causation, which might have meant she could understand the point about the ‘women on boards’ longitudinal studies, but she was happy to spend hours writing great tracts of pure undiluted BS.

    All good with you, I trust?

    • I think you’re a great sport is what I think even if you get yourself bogged down mud wrestling with pigs. As for me, oink oink, I positively wallow in the irony. While you do credit to logic, reason, and all the reasons to have a business in the first place, I’m an absolute disaster, but I get the job…right? Apologies to all the logical, reasonable, factual female antifeminists out there.

  5. House Mouse Queen says : September 14, 2014 at 2:42 PM

    It’s modern day porn is what it is for the express purpose of selling recipies. Everyone puts male supremacist porn on shit they want people to buy. It’s a nice schtick but I bet the book didn’t do very well in this culture. I’m sure the failure of the book was accompanied by lots of scratchy head. ‘Why won’t anyone buy mah book? Oh tis’ those nasty feminists!’

    Repeat ad nauseum.

    Women aren’t going to buy a cookbook with a woman getting choked on the cover. The fact here is that one of the most common male battering tactics IS choking women. Choking the life right out of us. If you look at the CDC 2011 report 11.1 Million women are choked. To put this in perspective, the total amount of men who suffered choking was LESS THAN a million.

    So I find it pathetically horrible that she’s now selling this BDSM submissive crap to men and yet I bet any amount of money that actually having to have a relationship with any one of these MRA’s would make her run to the hills.

    Caprizchka says: The southern accent “mah book” is a nice touch. Is that the predator talking in falsetto or me the victim talkin’ whah cookin’? Obviously, dos nasty feminists are my prime marketing demographic for we’ze all noze doze femineests jus luv ta cook and luv da men!

    I’ll be sure to write back to all my women fans and tell them that they’re not real women either so no point applying for any dem corporate board positions.

    I’d check out the statistics in that nice CDC report you cherry-picked from but unfortunately, here in the south, we don’t know how to use links on the internet. Therefore, it stands to reason that you didn’t provide one.

    By the way, I’m truly delighted that you find me pathetically horrible for selling sex that is *not* under the feminist aegis–for we all know that’s exactly what you ladies do–sell sex–the piteous kind that requires a steady stream of victims in order to inflate your own bottom line.

    While it is true that I would be delighted to go back in time and meet a prominent MGTOW of the 20th Century named Nicola Tesla (, paradoxically, there aren’t really a whole lot of men who ring my chimes. They are a rare and iconoclastic breed. Fortunately, for you however (I know you want them all to yourselves!) I’m in a relationship with the best man in the world–keeping you safe from him girls. You’re welcome. Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go deep throat him so you don’t have to. You’re welcome again!

    Antifeminism as a subject however, inspires me so much, because to watch you show your true selves, display your fangs, and all the dark and evil within, makes me laugh my ass off.

    I’d hate to bust your bubble but I’ll bet I can get you drooling in your native guttural accent a whole lot faster than you can even cause a bead of sweat to appear across my developed cerebral cortex–no choking required.

  6. Sugarpuss says : October 4, 2014 at 1:16 PM

    I think I’m gonna need a barf bag….

    What really makes me LOL about this is how “dominant” & “american male” are used in the same sentence. Am I supposed to feel intimidated by that old, flabby cock on the cover? Har! Har! Patriarchy keeps losers like that in their positions of power. Take away civilization, money, ammo, technology….them dump these feeble relics (like Buchanan) into the jungle. Ah, what a show that would be.

    Oh, and most old cocks can only stay “virile” with the unnatural assistance of VIAGRA. They aren’t even supposed to be breeding, due to poor sperm quality. That is why they go limp in the first place. Stop fighting Nature, you freaks.

    Caprizchka says: Not sure what is so LOL about the notion of a Dominant American male. In my view, laughing wouldn’t result in a reaction that a misandrist would find favorable. It is doubtful that a dominant male would want to have anything at all to do with you. As for intimidation? No. You are not supposed to feel intimidated by the cover of my book only that obviously it wasn’t written with a misandrist reader in mind. However, if that helps keep you from spending money on a book that you’d hate, then consider that a bonus. You’re welcome.

    As for the “predator” on the cover, I’m sure that his cock would rip you in two and that isn’t something that he would consent to do. Whereas the vagina is intended to be easily self-lubricating and flexible, I’m going to guess that for a misandrist mind over matter would prevent such a thing.

    As for Patriarchy keeping my Dominant in power over me? That’s an insult when it is my own consent to that power that maintains and nourishes it. As for the jungle, I should hope that you would never find yourself in the jungle without a man to be your appliance otherwise it is doubtful that you would survive.

    You don’t actually know a whole lot about “old cocks”. My experience with them predates the existence of Viagra. Of course a cock of any age might require Viagra in order to perform for a misandrist. I wouldn’t know.

    As for whether sex is designed only for breeding and no other purpose apparently in your mind; I would say that puts you in the same camp as The Religious Right.

    House Mouse Queen says : October 4, 2014 at 3:38 PM

    Hahahaha. You’re so funny. You’re providing me many laughs. old cocks LOL

    I’d love to drop all these fuckers in a jungle with Amazon women who laugh as they die slowly because they’re so misogynist they won’t ask for knowledge to survive.

    Caprizchka: Amazon women don’t tend to be misandrist as they accept division of labor as a prerequisite for their harsh lives. While I don’t recommend that anyone go where they’re unfamiliar or not wanted it is my experience that Amazonians are a lot more friendly and helpful than you give them credit for which makes you not only misandrist but racist. Not a surprise, of course.

  7. Sugarpuss says : October 4, 2014 at 4:13 PM

    What really eats at me is how Buttchanan makes numerous nasty comments about women’s appearance…WITH A FACE LIKE THAT. I mean, look at that video footage and his damn avatar. If that’s not a “hatchetface”, I don’t know what is (plus, he’s fat). Holy corn dog on a fuckstick with Grey Poupon! This asshat is completely BLIND to his own ugliness…and this seems to be a problem with most MRAs (and men in general). They feel perfectly comfortable commenting on our looks, while they themselves resemble something that fell out of Godzilla’s asscrack.

    Just unbelievable, really. I mean, I see it 100 times a day, but it never fails to astound me.

    Caprizchka says: Aha. The crux of the matter. Sugarpuss doesn’t wike it when men remark on her appearance with anything other than abject adoration. What a beautiful person you are, Sugarpuss. Not in the least blind to your depth and beauty, I’m sure. Are you perfectly comfortable commenting on men’s looks? Of course you are. Do you believe that men on the other hand should be seen and not heard? Of course you do. The sound of men talking must really get on your nerves. Poor baby.

    • @Sugarpuss

      ‘Plus, he’s fat.’ You’re right, I am. Am I allowed the hormonal problem defence, as a man? Probably not, so I shall have to accept it’s the result of my calorie intake / calories burned balance. Totally OK with that.

      I have no objection to women – including feminists – saying whatever they want about my physical appearance, or anything else about me. But they’re not going to stop me observing that unattractive women including overweight women – as well as women with personality disorders such as Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Whiny Personality Disorder – are drawn to feminism like moths to a flame.

      Radical feminists are invariably hatchet-faced. I suspect they chew on thick lemon slices first thing every morning, to set their expressions for the day. We’ve built up a long list of hatchet-faced ‘Lying Feminists of the Month’, none of whom have ever retracted their lies:

      One of them, Laura Bates (Everyday Whining Project, was recently challenged on live television about her lie concerning the number of British women being killed by partners and ex-partners. Rather than retract the lie, she repeated it:

      Have a nice day.

      Mike Buchanan

      • Thick lemon slices???!!! LOL. That sounds about right.

        Oh dear. I wouldn’t want to be accused of not being *nice* to hatemongers. Why I would just feel awful about that. I had better jump to the defense of my beautiful “sisters” right now.

        Hey Mike, how dare you not *care* what misandrists think of you. You’re supposed to be silent and ashamed while dutifully writing checks for purposes of perpetuating all their wholesome goodness. There. My good deed for the day.

        Confidentially, your observations are shared! Any time you would like to share a smoke or any other awful thing that all the “good” people of the world would like to forbid, please feel free to drop by the Los Angeles area. I don’t actually bite. 🙂

      • Caprizchka, thanks, including for the invitation, but I can’t see a circumstance that would take me to LA, unless it’s an AVfM conference. I hadn’t smoked a cigar in years before Dan Perrins kindly offered me one at the end of the Detroit conference, and I must say it was good.

        I find it intriguing that my comment which most get under feminists’ skins is the observation that radfems are hatchet-faced. Maybe they recognise the truth in it, with radfems being angry whine merchants. I’ve never met a radfem that could keep that look away for long.

        Have a great week.

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