Feminine Privilege

My insistence on holding onto a “non-equalist” political stance as concerns the sexes gets sticky when one is talking about laws and so forth, because it turns out that not all women are alike. However, it would seem to me that for those whose “moral code,” “identity,” and “economic security” depend on “innocence” then by default such persons are not full citizens to be accorded full rights and responsibilities toward civic life or for their own choices.

Similarly, those who desire a “get out of jail free card” when under the influence of:

  1. Battered woman’s syndrome.
  2. Premenstrual jitters.
  3. Ovulation.
  4. Pregnancy.
  5. Oxytocin.
  6. Postpartum depression.
  7. Water weight gain.
  8. Menopause.
  9. Restrictive clothing.
  10. Amagdala hijack.
  11. A bit too much intoxicant.
  12. Being “a girl”.

…should not get a full-citizenship card.

In my dream utopia perhaps such persons could be identified clearly in some way such as to not endanger those who wouldn’t dream of being mistaken for such persons and who in fact desire and are equipped to bear the burden of their responsibilities.

I am going to suggest that a skirt could be that identifying feature to be confirmed by the presence or implication of real or imaginary mammary glands assuming puberty has occurred, is imminent, or as resulting from transgenderism. In the event however that such persons insist on wearing pants–as is their privilege–compensatory features such as long or obviously fussed over hair, spindly high heels, make-up, nail polish, or ribbons and bows be present.

That should do it.

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