Pube Walks on the Wild Side

Thank you to Anja Eriud, for bringing my attention to an article about female public hair in the The Irish Times.

Her blog:

The offending article:

Trigger alert! Clicking the second link above may result in damage to one’s brain cells by virtue of the possible compulsion to bang one’s head against the wall.

Whereas, clicking the first link will introduce you to the meme, “pube walk” by Ms. Eriud. I am so grateful! Even if her fine sensibilities prevent her from actually reading the second article, that meme was just too juicy for me to resist and I have no such sensibilities. I’m a crude, rude, politically-incorrect American! Thanks for the red meat, Ms. Eriud.

To sum up Ms. Eriud’s stance, whereas “slut-shaming” resulted in “slut walks”, is it possible that “pubic hair shaming” may result in “pube walks”? Not yet, but it could happen! Pube walks could be on their way to a busy shopping district near you. Don’t believe me?

When it comes to feminists crowing their relevance, nothing is sacred. If you want proof, read Amy Schumer’s “powerful” speech about confidence delivered at the Gloria Awards and Gala, hosted by the Ms. Foundation for Women:

In the case of Ms. Schumer, she “celebrates” a “booty call” by a drunk college senior that resulted in the metaphorical water balloon being inserted into the keyhole, or coitus flacidus, if you prefer. The celebration has to do with Ms. Schumer’s own sense of empowerment as a sloppy attention whore. Moreover, as described by the MHRA, she is also a rapist if one goes by the current college definition thereof wherein one party mayeth not be thus impaired-eth and the other party is expected to resist all sexual advances by the less mature, and inebriated party (if a woman is drunk and a man is not drunk is how it works in practice). However, answering a booty call and otherwise invading the poor drunk victim’s space, is clearly an aggressive act, regardless of whether an invitation to enter was issued! Thanks to:

But back to pube walks. If you hate pubic hair, a “pube walk” will probably make you hurl. Whereas if you love pubic hair, you might not ever again unless of course you love obese angry entitled feminists sporting it daring you to “shame” them for it.

Since I live near Los Angeles, a town that may be the most body-obsessed of all, where “man-scaping” is as common as landscaping, I couldn’t resist tackling this hairy issue. You see, I am clearly the nemesis of the author of the second article because I just love removing my body hairs. I don’t do it out of shame. I do it out of love. But wait. Guess what I make my man do? Brace yourselves.

Don’t read this Anja Eriud.

I make him trim and shape his beard. I know. It’s pretty abusive.

OK I lied. It’s worse than that. I don’t make him trim and shape his beard. He does this because he wants to do this. I’m fine with whatever makes him happy in terms of his appearance. Moreover, let it be said that I love to rub my face against his beard. Love it! Too much whisker, in my view, is just right. But that’s not all.

I prevent him from trimming his body hair. It’s true! He used to do a little trimming in that, well, he likes to encourage intimate attention of his special parts, and as a measure of consideration for the administrator of such tender affections, he used to trim his hair, here and there. I asked him to stop doing that. If you can’t imagine why I would make this request of him, it is because, I love to rub my face against his… You get the idea. Too much fluff, in my view, is just right. But that’s not all.

I prevent him from tweezing his eyebrows. It’s true! I love that bushy eyebrow look. But that’s not all.

I like the way that he smells, naturally, especially after a day of working hard in the sun. To that end, I discourage him from showering too often, or from wearing deodorant. He is an abused man!

Whereas for me, I get more attention from him when I comply with his wishes and he gets more attention from me when he complies with mine. How’s that for a sick co-dependency?

I suppose that a hairy-love-walk is out of the question?

3 thoughts on “Pube Walks on the Wild Side

  1. Caprizcha!

    I am shocked! shocked I say, at your obvious love of hirsuteness in men (that’s hairy men to the sensitive damsels on the “article that shall not be mentioned)

    Though……………one moment…….having a “moment” aaaaahhh.

    Many thanks for raising this hair – raising issue – though – a quibble – I believe in this age of “equalidy” we must give equal attention to the new global – if not planetary campaign to start holding Willie Walks – thats PENIS Walks to all you affronted damsels 🙂



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