The Obsolete Ideas of Freedom and Democracy

A discussion on privacy, alcohol, tobacco, leaded gas, and breastfeeding leads to epiphanies. Just at the right moment, this article appeared in my feed:

Frank Davis

Still thinking about freedom. And about something that Walt wrote:

The question for us– who historically knew freedom as a tangible substance– is will we, as peoples, forget what we knew? And/or, will our children be taught to unlearn it?

I was thinking today that ideas like ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ and so on might be said to be rather 18th century concepts, which have gradually ceased to mean very much. They’ve become obsolete. They’ve passed their sell-by date.

These days, with the rise of science, our elites tend towards a ‘scientific’ view of human life and human society – even though very few of them have any scientific education.

Our current eugenic social engineering programmes aimed at eradicating tobacco and alcohol and obesity are examples of late 19th century or early 20th century ‘progressive’ scientific thinking.

And notions like ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ really have no place at all in scientific…

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