Progressive Wonderman! (Dopamine to the Rescue!)

A video series on masculinity inspired in me an epiphany on my own life and the degradation of society.

Here’s the first video in the series:

The video describes in simple language how to gain authority in a relationship and the responsibility that entails. The advice is directed at men in heteronormative relationships however it seems to me that the advice would apply to anyone attempting to establish authority in any type of relationship.

I recognized the advice immediately as valid because I am lucky enough to finally (in my fifties!) to find a man who provides that necessary authority to me. The fact that he does it out of love—loving oneself is necessary in order to love others—has also taught me about love. These lessons—love and authority—were entirely missing from my childhood and just barely present by way of my career but not where it counted—in my personal life. This, unfortunately, made me terribly vulnerable to manipulation including a marriage of brainwashing, terror, kidnapping, and robbery—a poor substitute for love and authority in all aspects—but the usual lot of a dopamine addict—turned into one by the first people in my life to tell me that they “loved” me—my family.

I decided not to have children myself and I don’t regret that choice.

It also seems to me that authority is missing from most westerner’s lives, and the blame for that, in my opinion, can fall squarely on the soft squishy shoulders of feminism!

To be fair, a void in authority is bound to inspire something to fill that void by way of bravado/bravada, aggression, and terror—usually by those least qualified to fill it. It seems to me that feminism has attempted to fill the void left by an absence of authority figures. It brandishes, “love and acceptance” as the reward, but only power-grabbing without responsibility rather than true authority—don’t forget that dopamine fix.

Naturally, for lesbians—whether by choice or necessity—feminism is seen as a friendly ally. However, I contend that even for that population, appropriate role models of authority are strangely missing today with very few exceptions. Rather, feminism welcomes as “authority” the two-dimensional superhero I like to call Progressive Wonderman! Progressive Wonderman can be a cis-female or an appropriately short-attention-spanned male. This is the new and improved White Knight coming to a Third Wave outlet near you!

Feminism seems to believe that feelings and emotions are effective substitutes for love, group-think for acceptance, and bravada without responsibility substitutes for authority. This distortion can be found throughout feminist propaganda.

Meanwhile, our police state brandishes terror and forced conformity as a substitute for authority. For a reminder, try to board an airplane.

Feminism, government, and the police state is our mother and father. Naturally, government also picks up the responsibility mantel because Westerners have been conditioned to abandon it in themselves, following the lead of the feminists.

One of the ways this condition manifests is by forcing cross-gendered roles on both men and women, which is to say, there never really was anything stopping women from becoming scientists or men from becoming preschool teachers, (if there is a will there’s a way), contrary to revisionist history myth. Today, society withholds approval from men who are not considered “nurturing” or equipped with the rhetoric of “feelings”. Nurturing, of course, stands in for the traditionally masculine responsibility of caring for those for whom he wields authority. For women, society withholds respect unless they pick up the role of dominance.

As described in the video, many of the men who are unable to exercise authority come from single-parent (single mother) households and are therefore taught nurturing, that is, filling the void of the missing responsible authority figure but without actually taking on authority—only the nurturing responsibility.

However, the love that comes from the son’s mother in the form of gratitude has no relationship to sexual or romantic love which, in a woman, typically manifests itself as a fantasy or yearning for dominance. However, since dominance in a man is forbidden in the feminist narrative, anything that even remotely resembles authority is denounced as abuse.

As a multiple abuse survivor and former teenaged runaway, I am in no position to either wield authority or to be an example of adult perfection; however, I can see the void, and understand just how fulfilling it is to have that void filled (to be deliberately redundant). It is calming and “centering” to use a neo-feminine “feelings-speak”.

Furthermore, I no longer have the visible academic credentials to command respect, thanks to the devious machinations of my multitude of abusers—most especially my ex-husband but also the ephemeral characteristic of the modern, internet-driven world to erase and replace whole human narratives, seamlessly, as if I no longer exist.

Fortunately, however, that is no longer important to me because I have reinvented myself as Caprizchka, and being that I am still alive against all odds, I have nothing left to fear. Dopamine addicts are good for something.

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