Planets are abused by comets.

Ova are abused by spermatozoa.

Therefore, we must reduce the motility of comets and spermatozoa in order that they behave more like planets and ova.

Furthermore, we need to devote universal resources in order to educate and promote planets and ova to behave more like comets and spermatozoa.

We must also eradicate all things that hurt planets and ova.

For example, we need to eradicate volcanoes, earthquakes, and all things that damage the protective atmosphere of planets and reduce their gravity.

We need to eradicate genetic defects, womb environment defects, and all things that may impact the cycle of ova.

We need to eradicate time so that planets and ova can be young and beautiful forever.

We need to stop comets from taking gravity and genetic material from one planet and giving it to another.

We need to stop fertilized ova from dividing into twins, triplets, etc.

If only we can do these things, we shall have a perfect utopia that shall exist throughout all eternity.

Copyright 2014 Caprizchka

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