Diet, Behavior, and Violence in Under Nourished Creatures

Judgy Bitch wrote an article which reminds me of what I learned from breeding and raising German Shepherds and dual-purpose goats in Venezuela.

She talks about how fathering differs from maternal instinct and dispels a lot of myths with regard to sexual choices, monogamy, and primacy differences between the sexes. Feminists will probably be outraged and indignant to see their sacred cows so well-skewered.

Is women’s sexuality profoundly narcissistic? That would explain a lot.

She describes how alpha males do indeed care for and invest in their children contrary to myth of philandering and child abandonment being primal to males. Whereas females seem more concerned with hypergamy (at least today) and their own vanity than the best interests of their children. This is a reverse of the feminist narrative which says that men wander and women nurture.

She hypothesizes that “rape culture” grows out of rape fantasies which are the only sexual outlet for females who are simply no longer attractive, in any sense of the word.

For me, the elephant in the room is nutrition because I believe that both sexes have the capacity to be either nurturing parents or narcissists. However, nutrition and character in general has suffered more in the female world due to an obsession with dieting and therefore resulting in nutritional deficiencies in women being the norm rather than the exception at least in The West. It would seem to me however that some men are catching up with women in the narcissist pendulum, being just as obsessed with their bodies and food as women are. This does not bode well for children and I suppose it is Nature’s way of reducing the population of Earth. Of course, propaganda and industry have a role, and–like it or not–are evidence of human nature as well and therefore also responsive to the economic realities of there being more humans than resources to sustain them.

I had a male German Shepherd sire who was just as protective of outside pups as his own (saved one from drowning) and a female German Shepherd who was happy helping out a non-relative female with her pups, caring for them tenderly.

I fed those dogs mostly meat, organs, bones, eggs, and milk, plus a little commercial dry food for convenience and insurance.

I had a billy goat who was castrated after giving birth to a son with superior genes (due to a higher lactating female than the sire’s mother). I caught him drinking his son’s urine and once he was stoked with testosterone, he killed his own son.

So much for vegetarians being more peaceable than carnivores.

The goats had access to a broad array of pasture, fruit, tree bark, weeds, etc., but I had purchased the sire from another farm, who kept him confined with a bucket of grain.

Naturally, I had to purchase a new sire and this time didn’t castrate him after his possible heirs had been born–but rather just slaughtered him outright. His heir grew up to be a far more manageable goat with humans. Furthermore, all the females loved him so much they fought over who would sleep beside him. He, however, was just as dominant (and sexually prolific) as the other billy goats.

What these two experiences taught me is that a good diet results in both patience and dominance, hallmarks of high testosterone. For a dog, that diet is primarily carnivorous; whereas for a goat, that diet is diverse forage rather than captive grain. By the way, the alpha male dog described earlier would insist that the contents of the stomach of a slaughtered goat be his, leaving only the barest remnants as his noblesse oblige for the rest of the pack.

Perhaps the obesity epidemic is responsible for the rape culture hysteria. Perhaps the commodity-driven dietary advice including that which supposedly slows global warming (it doesn’t) is entirely the wrong one for a more peaceable culture.

A well-nourished society is a more peaceful one–until it is time to hunt. Perhaps this ability to compartmentalize peace and hunting or war is what makes for a good father who in turn passes on his nurturing impulses to the females in his realm–by example–and by giving them some of the fruits (or rather meats) of his labors.

Copyright 2014 Caprizchka

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