Vive la Différence

This article describes how some women turn men into their workhorses through manipulation and how a luggage experiment disappointed some feminist researchers as interpreted by the Equalist set:

Reading it reminds me just how out of touch I am with the MGTOWs who seem to want the right to be treated more like women. To each their own. That said, I do agree with them that laws have gone way too far in the Feminist direction, albeit my preference is more toward the Libertarian/Anarchist direction rather than expecting the state to “reform”.

The article describes how women are helped or are not helped with their luggage in a tone which suggests to me gleeful vindictiveness on the part of the MGTOWs. Those bitches will just have to schlep their own luggage! I sympathize. I hate those whiny feminists too. However, I’m not so keen on the whiny MGTOWs either.

I did a similar “experiment” myself when I traveled Europe a month alone. I tend to travel heavy because changing my clothes frequently is part of what a vacation is to me. I’m superficial that way but then again, so are vacations. By the way, I was determined to do the entire vacation by train and metro. At the time, I was a big and tall muscular woman in my late 40’s. I’m in my 50’s now and perhaps not quite so gung ho.

If you can imagine the size of my clothes, well, the size of my suitcase was commensurate. Let it be known that the Madrid and Paris subways were not particularly luggage friendly. But that’s OK, I wrestled billy goats for my day job. At least the suitcase doesn’t struggle or butt.

But I was tired after an all nighter in a budget recliner seat from Madrid to Paris and slogging that suitcase up and down stairs was probably starting to show on my face. Imagine my surprise when a slight young woman wearing a Hijab approached me, looked up, smiled, and grabbed my suitcase. I protested! I didn’t want her to hurt herself! As a matter of fact it was usually young women and older men who offered to help me in Paris, however, since I didn’t want an injured back on my vanity conscience, I would decline with a smile. If the party would persist, I would explain that carrying my suitcase was fun for me, and besides it helped me to work off all the fine French cuisine I love so much in between volunteering on French farms. However, the one time when an older man with a clearly hearty bearing offered to help me, I accepted graciously, admiring his fine form, and even flirted with him. That was fun too!

For what it was worth, at the time, there was a tad more “chivalry” from young strong men in Madrid than Paris. How ironic, albeit, of course, they call it “machismo”. I would have been delighted if one of them had been brave enough to offer this old Amazon an indecent proposal. As it were they were as respectful of me as if I were their madre, which was fine for me too.

However, I think next time I do a farm-volunteering vacation, I would like it to be in Spain, because, it seems to me that their food still results in gender-differentiation more toward my liking, whereas perhaps MGTOWs would prefer Paris where they can sneer at the anorexic fashion models struggling with their luggage.

4 thoughts on “Vive la Différence

  1. After reading “A Politically-Incorrect Sexuality”, it was surprising scrolling down and finding “MGTOW” mentioned here. (There were plenty of mentions of anti-Feminism within, but from my end, MGTOW still seems pretty obscure, so…)

    I agree that many MGTOW’s are a bit too whiny, but since I see MGTOW as decentralized, and somewhat open to interpretation, I’ve decided to keep the label. (Though…the babies it brings to my doorstep cause me to reconsider this decision often. Being accused of being a “misogynist”, “sexist”, or “bitter virgin” by people too righteously indignant to stop and ask me what I believe, or why I take on the label, can get real old.)

    The rest of what I have to add probably applies more to “Man Up , Scum!”, so I’ll go leave it there…

    • Oh. I’m just teasing. I have plenty of MGTOW;s under my fluffy wings. I truly hope that MGTOW remains decentralized because I’d be pretty depressed if they started marching around like feminists, burning neckties or something. I change my mind. Burning neckties would be great theater! Thank you for commenting. 🙂

      • I can appreciate women’s penchant for fit men in well tailored suits, but the anti-authoritarian in me hates ties, so I might join in just to burn mine if it ever goes down that way.

      • Ties like bras are symbols of service and conformity, However, as far as I know there aren’t restaurants with bras for their customers to wear..

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