Thoughts on the oppression of sexual conformity

Not all women are the same (but being the odd woman out means no end of persecution from the “sisters”). Not all men are the same (but try telling that to the conformity police—it’s those darned sisters and their white knights again).

The notion that men want sex and women have it is more of that conformity-police language again. That said, I’ve got nothing against sex workers of all stripes—negotiation is just as necessary in relationships as it is in business and any fool can tell you that to be a good businessperson, one had better pay attention to the individuality of one’s customer/peer/colleague. However, I tend to be partial to the barter system myself.

Women my age (I’m not “allowed” to say how old because women are supposed to be so youth-obsessed that it defies rationality and traitors are similarly persecuted) are starting to realize that pussy isn’t a rare commodity after all, that women like me have been quietly defying the embargo since the Sexual Revolution. Of course they do realize—in private and behind closed doors—hence the beauty industry is doing just fine, with its trail of tears and broken dreams. But is that men’s fault? Or is that propaganda‘s fault?

In my view (and what I learned in public school), the elephant in the room is the supposed homogeneity of “class” in our “class-blind” society as if there’s such a thing as class-mobility amidst the broken dreams of celebrity, and that all we need are schools of indoctrination to magically produce that elusive commodity known as opportunity.

So, let’s see, we’re all the same gender, age, class…that means none of us have any individual value whatsoever! That’s bogus! Might as well just fuck a machine—they’re getting more and more sophisticated every day. Whereas fucking an actual human being? That has real value and it has the potential to create the most powerful force in the universe (in my humble opinion): an alliance. But it can’t be patented or homogenized. There’s no way to monopolize it or game the system. I like that! Not even with religion anymore. Not even with “science”.

If such an alliance consists of one leader and one follower I’ve got no beef. If it is all the same to me however, I rather prefer a world where the men—who tend to value individuality more than materialism in my little world—are the leaders. Naturally, that makes me a minority as it makes leadership-driven men a secret society of individuals—an oxymoron. But I’d rather be lonely than part of a herd.

If that means that my sex life consists of quality not quantity, so be it. Making sacrifices for values and ideals is what ideals are all about. Want to know something really funny? Many of my “sisters” think I’m terribly “oppressed” because I am grateful for the attention of a man who they all secretly want. I protect him simply by my presence and the general assumption that I “got my hooks into him” simply for being “beautiful” and I’m “selfish” not to reveal my “secrets”. Some “sisterhood”!

I’m so grateful for the attention of my hero that I don’t confine him to monogamy and he is indeed a generous soul. But it is true that I worry about him out there and he worries about me. But “security” is just another word for “shackles”. Ain’t I oppressed?

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