Man Up, Scum!

I just made that title to piss you off because you’re so beautiful when you’re angry.

What is in the water these days? Has the modern man simply given up and decided, “what the heck, if I can’t beat them, join them?”

My sense is that the power of Feminist shaming cannot be denied. Men have been shamed right out of their testicles. How convenient. That will make them far more manageable to the police state.

On the other hand, perhaps modern men are in stealth mode and know better than to show their flags in public. After all, we are currently under siege. There’s no reason for a modern man to risk showing that he has not yet been physically and psychologically castrated because otherwise he may well soon be.

Men? I love you. I’ll go fight in your stead. If you like what I have to say, please show your appreciation by roughing me up in private. Your secret is safe with me.

4 thoughts on “Man Up, Scum!

  1. I’d say being in “stealth mode” is what at least some of us are doing.

    Like, maybe it’s a little nihilistic, but I don’t care enough about the future to waste my short life fighting a tide that’s made up of both men’s and women’s drives. I’d rather hang out in the margins and enjoy the company of the women that I find there, in non-state sanctioned/arbitrated relationships.

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