Some MGTOWs Need To Own Their Own Shit

First of all, I have nothing against MGTOWs, or monks, nuns, whatever. Go your own way! You’re better off and we’re all better off. If you don’t need sex, women, men, or others, then you’re way ahead of the game. My hat is off to you! (My panties, on the other hand, remain on.)

But this video by someone who calls himself “Devlan TheComic” although he is not funny (just like a feminist, normally, is also not funny), needed a comment from Caprizchka and here it is:

I’m not here to defend American Women or Western Women in general. I am appalled by feminism and its effects. However, after reviewing this video there’s something that needs to be said. While you were renting a room from your “better man than I am” buddy and you were fucking a hot Jamaican woman who was really put together, why didn’t you offer your best buddy a piece of your whore/slut/whatever who doesn’t mind when the neighbors hear her moan? Or didn’t you feel that his generosity in renting a room to you and otherwise exposing his sorry marriage to your critique warranted such a gift? Or maybe she wasn’t a whore but rather you were the one pulling the wool over her eyes pretending to be someone you’re not? Or was it a mercy fuck? Whereas now, on the other hand, you’re just not as hot or otherwise seeming to promise something worthwhile so as to attract such a hot momma without a token of your sincerity known as a drink? I can hear it in your voice, you’re already emasculated, and therefore, the difference between you and a whiny, ugly, poor, old, fat feminist is what exactly? Meanwhile, MGTOW is obviously the right choice for you and many men, and I applaud that choice. However, methinks that you and your buddies have been making some pretty lousy choices in women yourselves–overlooking generous, non-breeder sluts because you’re too good for them and instead going with the program by choosing women who find money and children to be more valuable than great sex and who get their values from television. What does that say about you? What it says to me is that by all means get your shit together and go your own way while meanwhile the generous sluts you disdain are going to be all over the “assholes” who don’t rent their rooms out to disloyal buddies.

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